Chimney Removal

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Compulsory compliance with stricter earthquake regulations is future-proofing tomorrow’s living.

The government has instituted many new regulations to future proof our homes. Chimney removal or strengthening are two important factors to consider. Since old fireplaces tend to contribute to unevenness in the floor structure, they can become a danger in the event that the mortar fails.

Homes built before 1970 typically have reinforced brick chimneys that may collapse during an earthquake. Such a collapse will damage the house. A lightweight metal flue poses a less severe risk. In addition with loss of mortar strength, chimneys may pose several other dangers, including cracking, draughts, rising damp, rot and fire safety issues. It is best to consult a chimney specialist to find out whether your chimney is at risk.

When the trustees of the historic Katherine Mansfield homestead in Thorndon’s Tinakori Rd needed earthquake proofing, they turned to Built Construction Group. So, too, did a family in Karori concerned that their internal chimney was not safe. In both cases, Built Construction Group was able to provide a solution that suited the client’s needs and budget. They can now rest assured that they have met the earthquake regulations and that their properties are as safe as can be in the event of future shakes.

A complete rebuild to meet new regulations

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