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Wellbuilt was formed as a sub-brand to Built Construction Group to ensure that the public are still aware that we undertake renovations and residential projects as well as large scale commercial.  Residential construction is where it all started for our managing director so he is keen to maintain our roots and continue to build in this sector.

Designing an addition to your home can be a complex process, we ensure that your alterations dovetail into the existing building. The Wellbuilt team offers a versatile range of services and will be flexible in helping you find the perfect solutions to achieve your renovation and upgrade goals. We can also assist with the initial stages of your build via recommending architects that we have previously worked with specific to your requirements.

Whether you want to renovate your kitchen and bathroom to fetch the highest price when you sell, add an extension to expand your living area and your lifestyle, or convert your basement into a living space, Wellbuilt is here to help

Quality materials are the cornerstone of a quality renovation or alteration, which is why we only source our materials from the most reputable suppliers.

Quality materials & long-standing relationships

We understand New Zealand conditions, the best materials and stay up to date with the latest building regulations.

Our long-standing relationships within the building industry ensure that we are well-placed to negotiate the best prices on all materials which are reflected in our prices submitted to you.

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