We are all about building.


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We offer you expert advice and guidance on quality building solutions that come from years of experience and training. We are professional and passionate about providing top quality work that we can all be proud of.

Wellbuilt is a Wellington-based building firm specialising in residential renovations and new builds.

We have an experienced team dedicated to delivering your building requirements.

Wellbuilt specialises in residential renovations and new builds. We have the expertise to take care of your most important asset.

We’re committed to excellence, and we work hard to provide an efficient, friendly and affordable service that’s customised to your building needs.

Building and renovating can be stressful – there’s a lot at stake in any building project. Our team takes the worry out of the process, from discussing your preliminary plans to assisting with code of compliance.

Communication is key to the way we work. We will regularly report and update progress during your project to ensure you’re aware of every milestone.

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Wellbuilt has learnt that quality and actions speaks louder than words. We take pride in our work, and enjoy long lasting relationships with our customers.

Let us turn your house into a home.

Why Wellbuilt? Wellbuilt is an established Wellington-based residential construction company.

Wellbuilt work can be seen across the region, from Aotea in Porirua to Miramar in Wellington’s eastern suburbs.

Wellbuilt staff are qualified and experienced, directed by hand-picked foremen to ensure quality is maintained and backed by close office support. We recognise communication sits alongside construction. Delivery and communication are paramount to ensure homes are built on time and any obstacles identified and promptly addressed.

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We are all about building.

For all your home improvements.

Wellbuilt specialises in adding value and comfort to your home – your most important asset. With over 20 years in the trade and a top team of high-end residential builders, we have got you covered.

Designing and delivering an addition or alteration to your home can be a complex process. Wellbuilt takes the stress out of the process. We are up-to-date on New Zealand regulations, use the best materials and guarantee our workmanship.

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We are all about building.

In both residential and commercial building, we believe that it’s better to be prepared than to be left picking up the pieces if the worst takes place. Wellington straddles several fault lines and future shakes are inevitable.

As a seismic strengthening specialist, we follow the required legislation and building standards that have been put in place since the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes. It is our aim to meet the expectations of insurers and to withstand the impacts of the elements while keeping building users safe.

Seismic strengthening is a practical and economically viable option for earthquake-prone and vulnerable buildings. However, you can also rely on Wellbuilt to construct your new, earthquake-resistant new building. We use the latest in seismic strengthening methodologies and technologies to fight the onslaughts of nature.

Bringing comfort and style to urban living

Who needs to mow the lawn? The family have left home, the garden is a chore and it is time to downsize. And time for a change. Galleries, cinemas, restaurants and cafes and the city vibe beckon.

Wellington has been transformed in the last 20 years as an increasing number of people have opted for the ease and convenience of city living. Townhouse and apartment living has become increasingly desirable in such a compact city, where walking is easy or there is ample public transport.

Wellington-based Wellbuilt is well placed to oversee your development, from initial planning to handing over the keys.

Wellbuilt is committed to excellence, backed by experienced staff and management and top quality materials.

Our work can be seen across the region. Call us for efficient, friendly and affordable service that is orientated to your need.

We are all about building.

The greater Wellington region’s harsh climate, narrow streets, restricted parking and hilly terrain make garages, carports or car decks a must.

For Roy Hoogmoed on Upoko Road the answer was a car deck that eased access and provided another carpark needed for subdividing. For a professional couple in Karori a double car garage has added elegance and value to their property.

If you need a solution to protecting your car(s) from the sun, wind, tree saps, rain or theft, we can provide a bespoke solution for your specific needs. We take pride in listening carefully to our clients’ requirements, right from initial contact to conceptualisation, delivery and after sales service.

Built Construction Group incorporates high quality eco-friendly materials. We can customise your garages, carports, or decks to suit your exact needs and budget, adding style and value to your property.

All projects are first conceptualised during our first consultation.Our personally selected designers then use 3D design software to configure the garage, deck or carport to your exact sizes. Adding other elements, including interior partitions, windows, doors, colours, style and roofing for your approval before the project goes to manufacture.

Customer service is our number one priority, and we know that both your vehicles and your property are significant investments, trumped only by the safety of your family. That’s why we make quality materials and exceptional workmanship our business.
Our experienced specialists will work closely with you on every aspect of your new addition to ensure it comes out exactly as you want it. Get in touch with us today.

We provide expert project management for any size project.

Any construction project is fraught with many potential frustrations, and unforeseen events. However, we have the experience and expertise to deliver on your specific needs, and the industry contacts to ensure successful fulfillment of your project.

As your dedicated project manager, we will appoint a team of experienced professionals for all the various aspects of the project, to deliver on time and on budget. Our professionals manage the process end-to-end including all briefings and consultations..

We work closely with council and lead the submission process for both development and building applications on behalf of our clients. All paperwork, including documents, contracts, drawings and specifications will be produced and managed by our experienced team on your behalf.

During the construction process, we provide complete administration to the project, delegate tasks to the builder, manage onsite meetings, and monitor progress. We will maintain cost controls and check progress against the deadline on an ongoing basis.

During the project, complete and transparent reports will be available at your request. Any problems we foresee will be our responsibility to identify and resolve,freeing you up to take care of other aspects of your role in the project.

When wrapping up a project we will make sure all compliance certificates, approvals, warranties and guarantees are handed over to you. It is our aim to ensure the project is handled to the best of our ability and to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Built Construction Group is dedicated to quality decking construction.

If you’re looking for an addition or improvement that will add beauty, comfort, extend your living space into the outdoors, and value to your property, consider a deck. From sun decks to pergolas, we’re your partner in home improvement.

Our team is a group of highly skilled, passionate, and reliable decking designers and installers. We combine quality materials with the right tools, skills, and inspiration to deliver aesthetically pleasing and functional decks.

Our commitment to quality standards form the basis upon which our company is built. The materials we use have been time tested to withstand harsh conditions without perishing. Wooden decking materials are sanded, polished, and treated to enhance its natural toughness and resilience while minimising maintenance worries.

Decks add an outdoor room and value to your property. Built Construction Group has delivered a wide range of decking services in different styles and materials. We follow the latest industry requirements to ensure the safety of people using the decks we install without cutting corners.

Bring us your idea, and we will conceptualise it based on the configurations of the space. We will get to work on selecting the best materials for your needs and budget.

Trust our professional installation team to be courteous, skillful and discreet. We will leave your home in a better condition than we found it. In addition to providing quality craftsmanship, we will also clean up after ourselves.

Let the professionals show you what can be achieved with your home. We pride ourselves on turning houses into homes.


Our experience and passion for building allow us to complete a professional job in a well organised and planned manner.
We may work quickly, but we never, ever lower our standards. Our name and reputation are incredibly important to us, and so is your project.
We always keep a close eye on the details throughout the project.
Even when the job is done, we’re still there for you. All of our residential work is backed by an unmatched Master Builders Guarantee

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    Wellbuilt has aimed for excellence in building services. Our team offer you expert advice and guidance on quality building solutions that come from years of experience and training. We are professional and passionate about providing top quality work that we can all be proud of. We respond quickly to customer requests for estimates and job starts. We have earned our reputation as one of the best building companies in the Wellington area.
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    We know that your project will look sensational when we’re finished because we really know our stuff when it comes to building. To give you the same peace of mind, all of our residential work is backed by an unmatched Master Builder Guarantee.